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Renu-It Tub & Tile Refinishers Pool steps before and after

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Pool stair replacement can cost thousands of dollars, and even more. With Renu-It Tub & Tile Refinishers, we can repair your existing pool stairs at a much lower cost. Our expert and well-trained technicians can make your pool stairs look like new. We repair cracks, blisters and bubbles and can refinish your pool stairs to a new appearance.

We do the following pool step repair:

  •  Patch cracked steps

  •  Patch leaking steps

  •  Remove blisters and bubbles

  •  Recoating

  •  Refurrnish

  •  Pool tread crack repair

  •  Tread support

  •  Colour change

Change the color of your tile

Don't go another day with your stained and unsightly countertop and sink. Get the professional refinishing service you need and call Renu-It Tub & Tile Refinishers today.

We're your tub & tile refinishing experts!

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You will love how your pool stair will look after the refinishing  process. We use a repair process that will surely make your old pool stairs look new. Our staff will assist you with all your repair needs and will help you save money - lots of it!