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Don't Replace It! Refinish It!

Save time and money by refinishing your bathroom tub, sink or tile instead of replacing them!  We also refinish swimming pool steps and slides!  Before you contract with a contractor to replace your tub, tile, pool steps or slides, call David Bannister, Dothan, Alabama, 334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia, 229-435-5535 for a free estimate.  We respect your property when accomplishing our refinishing work protecting your assets and privacy.  With over 20 years of experience refinishing residential and commercial products you can be assured the results from our efforts will be outstanding.  

In our bathroom tub to shower conversion we install a step product that helps family members safely enter the tub to use the shower.  

Let our refinishing experts save you from messy sink removals and replacement by completing a beautiful sink refinishing project.  A sink replacement will cost you a considerable amount more than a sink refinishing project due to plumbing costs involved in sink replacements, and not to mention removal costs. 

For all your pool step and slide refinishing projects no one does it better than our experts!  Please give David Banister, Dothan, Alabama, 334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia, 229-435-5535 to discuss your project and how we can best meet all your refinishing needs.  

If you have found there is an issue with your tub, sink or tile and you are thinking about a repair, please call David Banister, Dothan, Alabama, 334-701-5320, or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia, 229-435-5535 to learn how re-glazing and repair is the cost-effective solution.  

Realize the most from your home investment by choosing our accomplished refinishing experts.  In most cases, you will get more value from bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing then you will from replacements.  We would enjoy discussing all your refinishing needs by calling David Banister, Dothan, Alabama, 334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, 229-435-5535, Albany, Georgia today.  

A bathroom tile refinishing project will transform your older looking bathroom into one of elegance – just like new!  

Contact Information

Dothan & Surrounding Areas: 
David Banister
Telephone: 334-701-5320

Albany & Surrounding Areas:
Jerry Jenkins
Telephone: 229-435-5535


We appreciate and value our clients and look forward to their referrals which is the basis of our continued company growth.  Throughout our website we showcase various bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing projects for your review.  We also complete pool step and slide projects.  

“Wonderful experience, great quality repair.” C. Brack

“Great job.  Shower looks great.  They showed up when scheduled.  Very happy.” D. David

“Great work.” C. Roe

“Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.” M. Garrett

“I highly recommend Renu-it for all your bathroom refinishing projects!” D. Gibson