Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Our refinishing experts can transform an unsightly bathroom sink into something brilliant and pleasing!  Homeowners who have bathroom sinks that are an eyesore or just not up to par can give David Banister, Dothan, Alabama a call at 334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia, 229-435-5535 to discuss how we can transform an eyesore into something beautiful.  

Bathroom Tub Refinishing

In addition to bathroom sink refinishing, our team provides comprehensive refinishing of bathroom tubs and tile.  

Our refinishing experts can transform your bathroom with refinishing services for tubs, sinks and tile.  Why replace bathroom products when refinishing will save you time and money avoiding costly material purchases, plumbing and electrical expenses, and more!  Bathroom refinishing services have significantly increased in the last many years as homeowners look to upgrade their bathroom without the expense of a remodel project.  

Contact Information

Dothan & Surrounding Areas: David Banister, 334-701-5320,
Albany & Surrounding Areas: Jerry Jenkins, 229-435-5535,