Bathroom Tile Refinishing

The cost of replacing tile has presented homeowners with another option when it comes to improving a bathroom presence without spending large sums of money – that is, the option of tile refinishing.  For a free consutation on how we can transform your bathroom with our refinishing services, please call David Bannister, Dothan, Alabama, 334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia, 229-435-5535 today.  

Give Your Bathroom A Facelift

Are you tired of looking at stained tile in your bathroom surroundings?  What about another option of refreshing your bathroom tile that is not replacing the tile?  Tile refinishing has significantly grown in popularity in the last several years as homeowners are receptive to bathroom facelifts without the cost of replacing tile and other bathroom products.  

Contact Information

Dothan & Surrounding Areas: David Bannister, 334-701-5320,
Albany & Surrounding Areas: Jerry Jenkins, 229-435-5535,

Why Choose Our Experts

Genrerally a homeowners home is the single largest investment in their financial portfolio, and as such, our refinishing experts respect your property and take every caution to conduct work with the upmost care.  We would value the opportunity to discuss your refinishing needs and how we can best provide the most cost-effective solutions.  You can always reach us at 334-702-5320.