Bathroom Tub Repairs

It is a matter of fact that over time the surface of your tub, shower or sink will show signs of wear and tear.  In many cases, cracks and chips may begin to surface and the dirt that you wash off your body is leaving stains on bathroom surfaces.  For a free estimate on how we can incorporate our professional refinishing service, please call David Bannister, Dothan, Alabama at 334-334-701-5320 or Jerry Jenkins, Albany, Georgia at 229-435-5535 today.  

Skid Resistant Tub Surfaces

Skid resistant in tubs must be taken very seriously to avoid serious bodily harm to family members and friends.  

Photo below is before our refinishing experts take action!  Photo to the right is the completed project – another satisfied client!

Attention To Detail

We specialize in quality refinishing services including maticulous attention to project details:

  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Tub, Sink & Tile Refinishing 
  • Porcelain Tile Color Changes
  • Tile Showers & Tub Surrounds
  • Tile Countertops
  • Ceramic Tile Color Changes

What’s the difference between refinishing and reglazing a bathtub?  Refinishings describes the process of giving an existing bathtub a facelift by buffing out all surface imperfections, filling gaps and cracks, and afterwards applying a new finish that transforms the bathtub into something new and amazing.  Reglazing is a step in the refinishing process.  It is the final step in the process.  Fiberglass tubs can be reglazed!  Reglazing is more of a temporary solution versus a permanent solution to an unwightly bathtub.  If you have bathtub chipping, discoloration or rust stainds give us a call today!

Refinishing Made Easy To Save You Time & Money

Bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing accomplished by our seasoned experts will bring your bathroom back to life!  When  homeowners experience cracks, chips, stains or surface wear in their tubs, sinks or tile they call our team to make the necessary cost-effective repairs.  

Think Twice Before Taking Action

Bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing makes sense when you consider the alternative – replacements!  Sometimes a homeowner will make the decision to replace a tub or sink and end up with a total bathroom remodel they were not expecting to glitches that occured in product removals.  For that reason, bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing has become increasingly popular with homeowners.  

We work with the latest design trends to satisfy your design expectations: Modern, Spa, Cozy & Vintage

Let your bathroom reflect your lifestyle. 

When it comes to clawfoot refinishing – our refinishing experts are the experts!  

Contact Information

Dothan & Surrounding Areas: David Banister, 334-701-5320,
Albany & Surrounding Areas: Jerry Jenkins, 229-435-5535, 

Sell your home or remodel?  After living in a home that you love for many years the thought and considerations arise on whether to sell your home or remodel.  For those who love their home and neighborhood, but realize their home is outdated find themselves in a difficult situation on what to do.  With higher mortgage interest rates, millions of homeowners are opting to remodel their home – maybe all at one time or one room at a time.  That is where our team comes into play!  Please give us a call and let’s discuss how we can bring your bathrooms back to life!